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This disease is most common in children and develops due to problems during pregnancy or childbirth. For example, from undermining the development of the fetus inside the womb or from a prolonged lack of oxygen during the birth of a child. The development of the disease in an adult is not excluded. The disease can occur as a result of ramipril or other brain disease and will be symptomatic. The following factors may influence its development: The above disorders dramatically increase the risk of developing a defect due to the formation of pathological signals with an altered intensity from neurons, so it is necessary to seek treatment in time.

The symptoms of injury are simple,complex, convulsive and combined. The most common are complex with automatisms and confusion. Before the attack, there is a sensation of altace, visual, gustatory, auditory, mental, somatosensory or vegetative-visceral aura.

According to the form, simple, complex, convulsive and combined seizures are distinguished. The duration is up to 1 minute, repetitions are observed. Most often occur at night. Aura is not felt. The back of the brain is focused on the work of the organs of vision, due to which damage to it will affect human vision. During an attack, flies, flashing and colored lights appear in the eyes, or there is a loss of visual fields, followed by severe pain in the head, similar to a migraine.

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Drug-resistant epilepsy: causes and symptoms. With pharmacoresistant epilepsy, you can undergo a qualitative examination at the Yusupov hospital. The diagnostic center of altace pills is equipped with modern equipment that allows accurate diagnosis in the most difficult situations. Based on a reliable examination, the neurologists and epileptologists of the Yusupov hospital draw up a therapy plan that will be most effective in treating epilepsy in this patient.

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Treatment of epilepsy begins with one first-line drug, for which the dosage is gradually adjusted. At the beginning of treatment, the drug is administered in small amounts, gradually increasing the dose until the desired effect is obtained. If the drug is chosen incorrectly or too low a dosage is used, then pharmacoresistant epilepsy is observed.

Pharmacoresistant epilepsy is conditionally divided into relative and absolute. Relative drug-resistant epilepsy is usually associated with the following factors:

The established status of absolute pharmacoresistant epilepsy requires alternative treatments. An indicator of pharmacoresistant epilepsy is the presence of 3-4 seizures when using an adequate dosage of an antiepileptic drug. The patient does not decrease the number of seizures, and their intensity remains the same or increases. Epileptic seizures have a different character. The most common types of seizures in patients with epilepsy are:

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The main causes of the disease include factors acquired as a result of a negative impact of any nature on the brain or factors due to hereditary diseases.

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Pediatric FE is mainly characterized by prenatal problems or congenital diseases. In both cases, certain areas of the cortex are affected.

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In some cases, the disease manifests itself against the background of underdevelopment of the cerebral cortex of both or one hemisphere. VeroyaThe probability that the pathology may disappear as the child grows and develops is very high.

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So, focal epilepsy and what is it in adults and children, how is it classified? There are many parameters for defining a term in medicine. From a neurological point of view, there are three main forms of FE:

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The functional genesis of epileptic seizures with focal seizures is characterized by several zones:

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